Switzerland’s position on the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction


In the course of the consultations for a new DRR framework (HFA2) Switzerland established a firm position on the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction. Four key elements are essential to be strongly promoted:

(i) it is paramount to develop a comprehensive understand-ing of the disaster risk landscape; (ii) investors – be they public or private – must avoid building-up new disaster risks; (iii) existing risks should be further reduced based on a clear prioritization of risks; and (iv) governments have to create an enabling environment conducive to strengthening governance and accountability in disaster risk management. With contributions from many organisations (SDC, FOEN, FOCP, PLANAT) and individuals, an editorial board was requested to review the contributions and edit this position paper. NDR Consulting GmbH (M. Zimmermann) was member of this editorial board. Moreover, Markus Zimmermann actively participates in the policy discussions for this new framework.

The full paper can be downloaded from: