Kant Water Rehabilitation Project – Feasibility Study: Social Due Diligence and Climate Change Impact

Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Location: City of Kant, Kyrgyzstan.

Duration: April to September 2012


The City of Kant requested the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Ministry of Finance for a water supply improvement project. The Ministry of Finance has agreed, subject to satisfactory due diligence.

The overall objectives of the feasibility study are to develop an affordable least-cost and cost-effective bankable priority investment plan for water and wastewater infrastructure, which fully meets the EBRD’s Performance Requirements, in order to:

– rehabilitate and increase the efficiency of existing systems with strong social and environmental benefits; and
– identify key cost restructuring elements and recommend reasonable loan covenants and implementation timing in this area.

The feasibility study will also take into account the potential impacts of climate change on the Project in order to build in resilience to climate change risks.

NDR Consulting GmbH contributed to this Feasibility Study (main implementer: HOLINGER IC) with social due diligence assessments and climate change impact.

Assignments: 1) Social expert; 2) Geomorphologist

Duties and tasks:

Social Due Diligence

  • Review of existing social and socio-economic data for the Baseline Study
  • Lead of household survey:
    – Household survey about willingness-to-pay
  • Compilation of the socio-economic due diligence report:
    – Social Audit
    – Social Analysis
    – EBRD Compliance Table
    – Social Action Plan
    – Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Climate Change Issues

  • Assess water sources and water availability
  • Evaluate climate change impact on water availability


HOLINGER International Consultants GmbH, Bern, Switzerland and local partners (www.holinger.com)