NDR Consulting GmbH is providing consulting, backstopping and training services in the field of DRR and CCA. The services include strategy development, program support and project identification (Project Cycle Management), program and project evaluation, awareness raising and capacity building. The overall goal is to reduce vulnerability of communities and to strengthen their resilience and to achieve sustainable development.


Assessment and management of risks from natural hazards and climate change

  • Programme and project identification and evaluation
  • Mapping of hazards and risks, VCA
  • Development of integral safety concepts (watershed management, flood and erosion control plans, local proofing, preparedness measures, monitoring and early warning systems, etc.)
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis

Social studies in the field of DRR, CCA and environment, mainly in Muslim contexts

  • Social assessments, case studies and Social Due Diligence SDD
  • Surveys (questionnaires, qualitative interviews, focus group discussions)
  • Document / archival research

Geomorphological studies

  • Geomorphologic assessments and mapping
  • Disaster and event analysis
  • Sediment balance of river systems


–   Supporting programmes and projects in the field of DRR and CCA

–   Assisting organisations to mainstream DRR and CCA

–   Supporting organisations in DRR policy development


–   Practical DRR and CCA training courses

–   Courses at university level in geomorphology, hazards and risk assessment, DRR and CCA (Markus Zimmermann is a permanent lecturer at Bern University)

Humanitarian assistance

–   SHA Member (Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit)

–   UNDAC trained (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team)